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Tarot Card Meanings

They are all over the internet! I am not going to put general tarot card meanings here because I read by my intuition. I hope that doesn't disappoint anyone. But when you use real intuition to read the cards you don't get the same impression with the same card all the time. The symbols mean different things for each individual reading and question. It all depends on how you get the information intuitively. But if you want general meanings of the cards, you can get some of my views on the cards by joining by yahoo group, Tarotforall. The links are on my website, and it is free.
If you still want to see general meanings of the cards I suggest a site called Learning the Tarot by Joan Bunning. Her site is a free online tarot course. Learning the Tarot


I will show different spreads here as often as possible. The easiest spread is the three card spread because of it's versatality. And this spread can answer any question. For example:
what you want,why you want it, what you get
your concious,your subconcious,your spirit guide

I think you get the picture. You can make these up yourself to fit the question you are asking.
I hope this helps all of you. Remember you can make your own spreads.

Choice Spread
1-Your situation the cards are focusing on
2-The right path to take
3-The wrong path to take
4-Possible Interference
5-What will help
6-Outcome if right choice made
7-Outcome if wrong choice made

This is a good spread to use generally without asking a question. The cards will tell you what you need to pay attention to and how to handle this situation.

Solve My Problem
1- Root of my problem
2- Why I am having this problem
3- Who else is involved
4- The simple answer
5- The complicated answer
6- Outcome

Linda's Life Plan Spread
This spread covers specific questions about who you are and your path.

Layout 10 cards in this manner:

Layout the next ten cards in the same way.
Then lastly layout another ten cards again, in the same manner.

You should have ten stacks of three cards in front of you.

First-Who I was before I came to my earthly body?
Second-My purpose in this life?
Third-Who is the most important person to help carry out my life plan?
Fourth-What is escaping my awareness that I should know by now?
Fifth-What am I aware of that I need to act on immeditately?
Sixth-Am I following the plan chosen for me?
Seventh-How do I tap into my inner knowlege?
Eighth-How do my spirt guide(s) contact me?
Ninth-One thing I can do that will make my path easier.
Tenth-Description of the inner me.

I hope this spread will help you to think about where you come from and where you are going. We all need to make time to remember we are special and have a special purpose in this life.


What is on your mind that the tarot could answer?

What are you waiting for?

You know when I first became interested in tarot readings and tarot cards I couldn't find anyone willing to give a free or low cost reading. I didn't have the money and it frustrated me. I've always been intuitive so when I started studying the Tarot I began to see it was a tool for me to further my intuition skills. I vowed that if I started giving tarot readings I would make it available to all people who wanted it, rich or poor.


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Tarot Card Meanings and Spreads