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Comments from clients about their readings.

Thanks so much for the reading , it makes a lot of sense to me. I'm hoping things will get better. AndI see someone is coming into my life and I will get a job. I"vebeen laid off so long I"ve almost lost hope. I guess you could sayon the Five of Swords, my boyfriend was stolen from me . Guess
God has something better coming for me. Again Thanks , are youever going to do any classes for Tarot ? I have been reading for 5 years , I would like to learn to be able to give a smooth reading. If you decide to do anything with your talents let me know OK

Your truly amazing! Thank you so much for interpreting my dream for me. I never would have seen it that way.

Hi Linda:I just wanted to let you know that you were right about advice you gave me not to go to Florida last week. Unfortunately because money was so tight for me I didn't listen as I saw no other way to generate income I am such desperate need of right now. When I arrived on the first day and in the first meeting I had a sinking feeling in my stomach that things would only get worse. I've decided to leave and go back home. Unfortunately I had to borrow money to come down here so now I am worse off than I was when left. Again you were right when you said "you will wish you had never left" I hope it's not too late as I'm on my way home. Learned my lesson the hard way. But I learned an important lesson just the same. So Thank You! I have been contacted by two other employers this week, one in Toronto and one in Ottawa (both in Canada) I hope these were the opportunities you mentioned in the previous reading. Please feel free to use this in your comment section. You are a truly gifted reader! Please list me as anonymous. I look forward to the time when I can get a full reading from you.


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Tarot Card to Ponder


If you get the Sun card in a reading and your asking a yes or no question, your answer is yes.  If you get the moon, your answer is no.

Blowing Bubbles by Christin Snyder

Seems so simple and it is so fun to watch as my little son runs after them and laughs when he goes to touch them and suddenly they pop and disappear. Little peals of laughter and amazement, ever wondering how all these things of the world work. I began thinking about these bubbles today in the park, what they have to show me about all I have learned so far on my journey. How to see things in circles: things are never straight and narrow, all things come in circles. How to look through illusions, how things that appear in a seemingly solid form can disappear in a split second. The beauty of reflection. What it feels like to float and drift away in the beauty of your own existence. To feel what it is like to bring joy and laughter to young and old alike with the simple things. How to look at the complex in the simple and see the simple in the seemingly complex. What is on the outside is merely a reflection, but inside it is the breath of life that brings us into existence, many different bubbles, some small, some large, some reflecting different colors, but all originated from the same source, floating together. I learned a lot today in this simple activity. My eyes are open to the beauty of all that exists and I am eternally grateful for the gift of Universal Love & Acceptance I have realized. © Copyright 2003 Mystical Treasures (UN: csnyder73 at Writing.Com). All rights reserved. MysticalTreasures has granted Writing.Com, its affiliates and its syndicates non-exclusive rights to display this work.

Tarot and Imagination

Tarot Cards are very informative in telling you what may happen or what has happened. But they are also useful on bringing what you want to reality. Each day pick a card that represents what you want to happen that day or what you feel you need from the day. Look at the card and meditate on it's meaning and see yourself doing what you are asking from the card. You'll be amazed at the results.


Magic 8 Ball

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