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My Thoughts

Beautiful Souls

Some people walk through their entire lives without any thoughts of why they walk the path they walk. Others are more aware of their purpose and goals. I would like for you to think for a moment about all the dogma that you've been taught in your life and ask yourself this question. Why do I believe a certain way about this? Were you taught how to behave in your manner? Or did you just choose to be and do as you are now? The purpose of this question, which you can use for many situations or feelings, is to make you more aware of your own beliefs in life and why you have them. Stop and take some deep breaths and meditate on that question in all areas of your life.

I want you to read. That's right. Read about subjects that you think you are right about in your mind. Listen to others views and feelings about that subject. This will keep you openminded. We never stop learning. When we think we have learned all there is to know on a subject, then we have lost something. Be aware. Be openminded. Above all, be kind and generous. Never fault someone for their views. Open a discussion and invite them to listen to yours as well. You never know you may learn that you were not so right. Don't be closed-minded. We are all one. We are part of eachother as well as part of all things in this universe. We can learn from eachother.
Bless You.

What I perceive to be
in my mind of minds
may not be what you see
to your world, I am blind

How do you see a tree
a bird or an ocean
I percieve it to be
a wonderful notion
By Linda Wood

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