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Developing your own intuition and psychic skills

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How to enhance you Intuition with Tarot Cards

Intuition is just like psychic abilities. We all have it, it's just asleep in us. Try this to wake up intuition in you.
First, write down three questions that you would like answered on three different small pieces of paper.
Second, fold and shuffle the papers around so that you don't know which question is on which piece of paper.
Third, number the pieces of paper 1 through 3.
Then shuffle your tarot cards while thinking about your questions and cut the cards. Choose three cards and lay them face down. The first card will be for the paper numbered 1 and so on. Turn the first card over. Write down the symbols you get from the card as well as any feelings, smells, thoughts. Continue doing this with the other two questions and Tarot cards. You will find it interesting what the cards reveal and what your intuition will tell you from the feelings you also get from looking at the cards. Let me know how this works for you.

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Precognitive Dreams and Hunches

Alot of us have had dreams that hinted towards something that actually happened. I myself have had many dreams that came true. Pay attention to your dreams. Your spirit guide speaks to you while your asleep with symbols. Not all dreams are precognitive. Especially if there was no color in your dream. When you have a precognitive dream you will carry it with you like it's a real memory. You still feel the presence of those that were with you in the dream. You'll learn to tell the difference. Hunches on the other hand are intuition. I left my house to go to work one morning. I left my daughter with her grandmother to watch while I was gone. My daughter was asleep when I left. I wasn't out of the driveway for 10 minutes and had a strong sense of something being wrong with my daughter. I immediately turned around and went home. Sure enough she had woke up with a fever and extreme pain. We found out later at the doctor's office she had a kidney infection. These kinds of intuitive hunches have happened to me alot. You have to listen to them and act on them when they come around. We all have intuitive hunches.
Click here for good information on dreams and dream symbols from the sleeping prophet himself, Edgar Cayce

Warnings from our Spirit Guides

I was awoken by a loud voice that felt like it rattled my brain one night. The voice said " you sleep here!" I was shaking from the shock I was in because this had never happened to me. I knew that a male voice, strong and loud had just screamed at me and startled me awake. Yet, I was alone. I wasn't dreaming. So I thought about those words, "you sleep here", and wondered what they meant. Something told me to buy a mini tape recorder when I was shopping the next day. I did.
I had a neighbor who lived directly behind me and she liked to come over alot. But I hadn't thought of her when I did what I did. I put the tape recorder under my couch when I went to work the next day. When I got home that evening I listened to it. My neighbor who I trusted was on this tape recording. She was in my house entertaining friends. Needless to say I believe the voice was telling me I was asleep in the way that I didn't see what was going on in my own life. So never dismiss those voices that you may hear that warn you.


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In order to use your inner intuition and psychic skills you must believe you have them. Faith is the key. After that it will come naturally and practice makes perfect. Quiet your mind by taking a few deep breaths. Relax and ask a question. Then in your own way make a statement that you are ready to recieve the answer. This can be as simple as O.K. give it to me! OR something more elaborate. You will know which is best for you. Then most importantly, Listen.

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Syncronicity is when coincidence happens but you know there is no way it is coincidence. Have you ever heard a song that reminded you of someone? Then later that day they call you for the first time in days or longer. Have you ever seen something on tv about a particular subject and then maybe the same day or week you hear about it another place or in another way? And this just keeps happening. Well there are signs that I believe we are given to let us know where we need to go and what we need to do. These signs sometimes are just our intuition picking up on little things that is telling us to prepare for them later. Pay attention and see if you notice syncronicity in your life.


A lot of people have trouble when they first start meditating finding their quiet mind and keeping out other thoughts. I know it is hard to find time when everyone will leave you alone and let you have a few moments to yourself. But even sitting and watching television with the family can be a time of meditation. I will give you the simplest way I have found to accomplish meditation anywhere at anytime. With practice it really does become easier for you. Do this daily at least once. First, Just close your eyes and take three deep breaths. It doesn't matter how you breathe as long as they are deep and long breaths. You can breathe through your nose or mouth, it really doesn't matter. Second, Keep deep breathing until you slow your breathing enough to become relaxed. Third, if a thought creeps in acknowledge it for that second and let it go. Fourth, Keep doing this until you still your mind.. It will only take a few minutes. Fifth, while you are in this deep relaxation, ask your spirit guide to come to you in a dream but give them permission to read your thoughts first. You could ask something that you have been wondering about. Just remember that after you ask to quiet your thoughts and listen. This will work better and better the more you practice. So dont give up. The really important thing is that you have to believe. Faith can move mountains, I promise you. We are all connected to a universal consciousness that we can get information from. We just have to know it exists and believe in it and our connection to it. Blessings.


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