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Send your requests for readings to my email address. Please email me for details..

For general questions please use this form. Please do not use for reading requests.


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What will the tarot answer for you.

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As soon as I receive your Tarot reading request I will send your reading as soon as possible.

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1-I believe that tarot is a means of advice and that you should use your own concious to make your own decisions.
2-Tarot can tell you possible events that will happen and it is up to you to choose your own path.
3-If you are asking health related questions I would ask you to consult a physician as well as the tarot cards.
4-I do not send emails out to those that I have read for to offer other services. I feel it is up to you to ask for what you want.
5-I can work with you on a price you can afford if you email me. And I will always work with you on your ability to pay for a reading.
6-I will continue to offer my services at affordable prices with genuine readings.
7-I do not use software to generate my readings for you. They are all done by hand by me.
8-I want to help others and that in turn helps me financially to pay my bills. I am not trying to get rich. I want to use my intuition and abilities to enrich others lives.

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